Cool Air™, the original electrically powered general aviation air conditioning system allows you to pre-cool your aircraft prior to engine startup. Our unit does not rob engine(s) of needed horsepower. 

Cool Air™ is a “split system” that allows major components to be distributed within the airframe to simplify weight and balance considerations.

Cool Air™ is shipped as an assembly (“kit”) which contains:

    • Compressor/motor assembly
    • Evaporator assembly with integral blower/motor and thermostat.
    • Condenser assembly with integral blower/motor.
    • Digital controller which sets desired cabin temperature and fan speed.
    • NACA air scoop for supplemental heat transfer of condenser.
    • Quick change cabin air filter.
    • Refrigerant lines.

Weight: Approximately 57 pounds.
Compressor cooling capacity: 16,500 BTU’s
Power requirements: Nominally 28 Volt DC with 75 Amp draw.

(Note: In certain instances, Cool Air™ can be modified to include an electrical converter to allow operation with AC electrical systems. Please inquire about this feature.) Cool Air™ is manufactured under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) with total traceability of all major components.