Cool Air Industries is a subsidiary of Aircenter, Inc., and manufactures the Cool Air™ line of air conditioning systems, as well as certain aircraft enhancements covered by 27 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) owned by Aircenter, Inc. All manufacturing is done under Aircenter’s PMA status conveyed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aircenter began offering the Cool Air™ product line in 1999. Cool Air™ was an immediate hit because the system is powered electrically from the alternator(s,) allowing pre-cooling of the cabin prior to engine start. (Sustained operation requires connection to an APU or other 28 volt DC power source.) Cool Air™ requires no mechanical connection to the engine(s.) 

Cool Air™ has been installed in many models of aircraft manufactured by variety of different brands including Aero Commander, Aerostar, Cessna, Beechcraft, DeHavilland, Diamond and Piper. Many have been manufactured and installed in accordance with STC’s owned or licensed by Aircenter, while others have been installed on a “Field Approval” basis. View our list of popular makes and models available. If you don’t see your plane listed, please contact us. There’s an excellent chance we’ve already solved your cooling needs.